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Scatter Plots using Aggregated Measure

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Scatter Plots using Aggregated Measure


I have 2 variables: (1) customer count, and (2) number of items sold; which are stored at a half hourly interval for 2 particular days (total of 96 intervals).  In my dataset I have date (e.g. 1/11/2014 and 2/11/2014) as well as half hour intervals (1,2,3....48 for the first day and 1,2,3...48 for the second date).

What I need to do is create a scatter plot of the number of items sold per customer at a daily level so I can compare the customer response to say advertisements.  For example Day1 = 60/10 = 6 items sold customer, and Day2 = 40/8 = 5 items sold per customer

I created an Aggregate Measure for both Customer Count and Items Bought.  However when I put these 2 Aggregate measure into the X/Y axis of the scatter plot it is at the half hour interval grain rather at the above daily grain.

Can anyone help?


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