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Saving data aggregations

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Saving data aggregations


I just wanted to know if we can have the aggregated data in VA across different logins. Is it specific to just a report?



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Re: Saving data aggregations

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Hi - I am going to move your question from the general support community space to the Visual Analytics community .. just FYI to

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Re: Saving data aggregations

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Hi Sarthak,

If you have created an aggregated data item within SAS Visual Analytics Designer and saved it in a report, then it is only accessible via the report. I see a couple of ways to overcome this...

1) You could create the aggregated data item within a query using SAS VIsual Analytics Data Builder and load the table into the SAS LASR Server so then the aggregated data item is available for all reports your different users want to create.

2) Create a template report where you have all your data item properties defined, hierarchies, geographics, aggregated data items, calculated data items etc and save this as a "setup" type report. Your users can use this report as the starting point for their reports, ensuring they Save As and don't overwrite it.

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