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Saving User Selection Workaround

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Saving User Selection Workaround

I have a SAS VA report with a prompt that has many multi-select list objects. It is imperative that the users of the report have the ability to save their selection so that they can reopen the report with their previous selections already filtered.


I know it is possible to use parameters for single-selection objects and build a URL that will select filter the report. My current report uses only multi-select objects which do not allow for parameters.


We have currently thought of some (poor) workarounds for this problem.


  1. Give users access to the development server and have them save their report selections as entirely new report files.
  2. Capture user preferences in another application. Save these to a database and give them a label. Create a new column in the dataset that tags each row with the label name. In SAS VA, use a single dropdown selection to select this label.
  3. Insert a stored process in SAS VA that uses javascript to select user selections. Must save user selections in separate application first.


All three of these ideas seem terrible to me. I was wondering what others have done to save user selections.

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