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Sankey Diagram -- Sorting variables

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Sankey Diagram -- Sorting variables

I'm working with relatively simple data to create a Sankey diagram in SAS Visual Analytics. There are only two events and two time points (but many transaction IDs), so the ordering of the variables is very important for visual purposes. The two events are 'Top 1%' and 'Bottom 99%', yet the 'Bottom 99%' category always shows up on the top of the diagram.


I've looked at the User Guide and this Sankey Guide which are helpful but do not address this issue of sorting variables. Some guides say that if you right click on the variable, then there will be a 'Create Custom Sort Order' option, but that does not appear for me. I also tried adding a character at the beginning of 'Bottom 99%' so it was not in alphabetical order but that did not help and is not ideal anyway.


I would also like to add labels that show the values of the Sequence Order, in my case the years.


Any insight or suggestions? Thanks


Detailed system information for Visual Analytics Explorer:

Version: 7.3 Hotfix 04

Operating System: Windows 7
Browser: Chrome

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