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SASVA cloud client data source not loading

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SASVA cloud client data source not loading

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I'm working on an assignment and using Visual Analytics Designer on the cloud platform. I keep getting an error stating, "The list of data sources could not be obtained" each time I open a report that already has visualizations using the stock data sources (specifically INSIGHT_TOY_DEMO). I'm attaching a screenshot of the specific error. I've logged out and back in, cleared browser cache, tried other browsers, all with no luck. I've also tried creating a new report from scratch and still can't access the data source to create my visualizations. I'm assuming this is an error on the server side, but I'm definitely open to any suggestions that might help me finish my work. Thanks for any help.

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Re: SASVA cloud client data source not loading

One thing to check is your user account SAS metadata permissions. I suspect you should be in the Visual Analytics Data Administrator group to provide the right role and permissions for Report Designer. Being in the Visual Data Builder Administrator may also be needed. You can check this out in SAS Management Console.

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