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SAS Visual Analytics will not open my dataset

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SAS Visual Analytics will not open my dataset

I am trying to open the Insighttoy_sales sample SAS Visualization dataset, and it will not open.  I'm concerned that my previous use of this dataset may have a query that is attempting to run, and needs to be cancelled on the server???  In my previous session, the query would not compete, so  I closed my browser in an attempt to cancel the query.  Now upon attempting to re-open the dataset in the program, its just continues to give me the "Loading In Process" prompt, but does not appear to open VA or the dataset (waiting well over 15 minutes).  Please help, as I need this dataset to complete an assignment in the next 12 hours.


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Re: SAS Visual Analytics will not open my dataset

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Check the status of this table in VA Administrator - what does it report? Try a test unload and / or reload if necessary.


You'll get a faster response by contacting SAS Tech Support if you haven't done so already.

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