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SAS Visual Analytics report calling from Java Application

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SAS Visual Analytics report calling from Java Application

Hi All, Need your help and views.My clients has a Java application there is a module named reports.They wants to call reports from SAS Visual Analytics into there Java application.So that java application users can see the SAS Visual Analytics reports.I want to know in SAS VA is there any API or something else?
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Re: SAS Visual Analytics report calling from Java Application

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics report calling from Java Application

Hi Snehasis

SAS Visual Analytics comes with Web Viewer.  This is a flash based web viewer.  If your Java app can embed a web viewer, this is a choice. Some customers and some applications internally at SAS, have done this way. 

Here are couple of links on SAS Support on this topic:



Here is a link to the University of North Carolina which uses web viewer to share their content with public.  Click on any of the dashboard links on the right, under "UNC Data Dashboard"   or on the link at the bottom "Detail Dashboard view".


Cheers !!!

https://exploredata.utsystem.edu/SASVisualAnalyticsViewer/VisualAnalyticsViewer.jsp?saspfs_sessionid...https://exploredata.utsystem.edu/SASVisualAnalyticsViewer/VisualAnalyticsViewer.jsp?saspfs_sessionid...https://exploredata.utsystem.edu/SASVisualAnalyticsViewer/VisualAnalyticsViewer.jsp?saspfs_sessionid...Murali Nori 

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