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SAS Visual Analytics functionality

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SAS Visual Analytics functionality

, I have been using SAS VA for some time now (and still on 6.4 even though I would upgrade very soon, so please excuse if there are any later versions that addresses my needs). I have compiled a list of functionality I could not replicate in SAS VA and would like to know if there are any work arounds or prospects that it may be included in later versions:

This is only in the reporting component:

1.) Dynamically change the titles in graphic elements based on a selection that is linked to that graph

2.) Set different limits in the KPI speedometers based on predefined rules, currently this is only possible for a single entry

3.) Healthcare related graphical items such as dynamic funnel plots, run charts and control charts

4.) Enabling hyperlinks to data elements in a list table (already in hyperlink format, such as web page etc.)

5.) When changing from a type of graph to another, for instance line chart to line chart with bar, to be able to rather overlay a bar over the line instead of reproducing the whole graphical element or to create a custom graph.



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