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SAS Visual Analytics: calculated fields

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SAS Visual Analytics: calculated fields



I have created a single dataset in SAS Studio, the "Address Table" in the attached Excel file.


This dataset shows the monthly rental income per property, along with the cost of the property (i.e. PIC), which can change through time, as we spend money on improvements. I am looking to calculate an inception to date (i.e. over the first 5 months of 2017 in the attached example) return on a property level (i.e. rental income / PIC), using a calculated field in SAS VA. I have achieved this through the formula provided in A22 in the attached, which I've entered as a calculated field in SAS VA. 


I would like to achieve the same result, but at the market level i.e. aggregated across properties in the market, but directly from the Address Table, without having to create a separate Market Table dataset. I can't, however, work out what formula to use in the calculated field to achieve this. Using the same formula as for the Address Table results in an incorrect number.


Any thoughts would be appreciated, been stuck on this for hours Smiley Happy

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