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SAS Visual Analytics / SEG and BI configuration.

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SAS Visual Analytics / SEG and BI configuration.

We have a SAS SEG and SAS VA configuration build with Two Virtual Servers for the Metadata server, and logical server and two physical servers for sas seg and sas va.  The two physical servers share the Metadata and logical servers.  We are having issues with getting the Load to Laser option in the SEG interface to work and load data data to the VALIBLA library.  We are also unable to get the SAS BI module to connect to the system.  


Meta Data server : Mikey.ourhouse.biz. :8561 

Logical WS : Mini.Ourhouse.biz  :7980 

Physical EG : Goofey.ourhouse.biz :10021

Physical VA:  Pluto.ourhouse.biz. :10021


For the BI module I have been trying to get "mini.ourhouse.biz" to responde through the Iphone app with no success.  


We have reveiwed extensivley all existing user manuals and articles we can find on how to get these two items to work with no success.  We have attempted to connect to the Visual Analytics Services connection setup for BI but that hasn't worked.  Any advice we can get will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: SAS Visual Analytics / SEG and BI configuration.

Hi @edconley, to resolve an issue like this will require some diagnostic work, which Technical Support is better equipped to do: http://support.sas.com/techsup/contact/index.html  If you get an answer that's OK to share (e.g. doesn't include proprietary info from your organization), post back here so other community members can benefit.

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