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SAS Visual Analytics Email Log

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SAS Visual Analytics Email Log

Does anyone know how the email functionality in SAS VA works? Does it launch a workspace and sends the email through SAS code or is it a different method?


Reason is that we want to track down an issue where the sending of email through SAS VA sometimes takes a while before recipient gets the mail. We want to capture in the log the portion that indicates the email has been sent versus the time recipient actually gets it. It can also be that the bottleneck is somewhere in there mail servers so we're trying to check out all possibilities.


I already checked the following locations below and couldn't find logs referring to the email process.

  • <SASConfig>/Lev1/Web/Logs/SASServer12_1
  • <SASConfig>/Lev1/Web/WebAppServer/SASServer12_1/logs
  • <SASConfig>/Lev1/SASApp/WorkspaceServer/Logs


Greatly appreciate any leads to this.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics Email Log

Information about email execution is logged in the SASVisualAnalyticsHyperlink.log. This log is located in SAS-configuration-directory/Lev1/Web/Logs/SASServerx_y/, typically SASServer12_1.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics Email Log

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Thanks for the lead. I've managed to check the contents of the log. Unfortunately I didn't see any info regarding the email. Is the logging configuration for SASServer12_1 be set to a certain level (INFO/DEBUG/ERROR) to get reflected in the log?


I've also gone through the other logs in SASServer12_1 (Transport, Viewer, Designer, etc.) but didn't see any info on the email as well.

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