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SAS Visual Analytics - Chrome/Firefox Issues

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SAS Visual Analytics - Chrome/Firefox Issues

We upgraded to SAS VA 7.2 in our company about a month ago.  All was fine until the last few days:

- Using Chrome or Firefox, we can login and access the HTML5 home screen

- However, when we go into a report/exploration/admin areas (basically anything that uses flash) VA stalls out at a grey screen.

- IE is currently blocked in our organization from accessing our VA servers. (that will probably be the next thing we try)

a) has anyone had a similar issue recently?

b) Searching around the internet, I'm noticing some articles about chrome/firefox and how they work with shockwave/flash but its over my head.



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Re: SAS Visual Analytics - Chrome/Firefox Issues

Hi EO13,

SAS VA 7.2  HTML5 is not production ready. We had a similar issue where only the hub HTML5 worked. Check if maybe a patch is available to remedy; for us, since we decided not to roll out to users the HTML5, we changed some properties from the Application Management  and for the Visual Analytics Hub and viewer plug ins available from Management Console to make the classic available from Hub for all and for users not able to select HTML5 from the other report/exploration/etc areas.

One thing that happen to us too was that if you changed to HTML5 , for say, the report designer , it would hose the user where he/she was not able to change it back - one solution is to use the URL that makes the change and call it or replace the user.

good luck.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics - Chrome/Firefox Issues

EO13, we are having the same problem in our company. Have you found a solution? 

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics - Chrome/Firefox Issues

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Ensure that you are using the 64-bit versions of Chrome and  Firefox.  Also, see these SAS notes:






Otherwise, please let us know what version you are using and the symptoms you are having.


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