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SAS Visual Analytics Autoload

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SAS Visual Analytics Autoload

Hi Team,


I wanted to implement Autoload activity in SAS VA.

Version is 7.3.

Every time after taking server restart I have to load all table in LASR server, so I want to make it Aotoload.

Kindly assist.



Thanks in advance.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics Autoload



Reload on restart is a feature on VA 7.3. From the VA 7.3 administrators guide:


Note:The reload is driven by the LASR table object’s association to a LASR library that supports reload-on-start. That LASR library must be associated with a data provider library that contains a backing store copy of the original source data.


How to Enable Reload-on-Start


To enable reload-on-start, use either of the following methods.


SAS Management Console
1. In SAS Management Console, right-click on a LASR library, and select Properties.


2. On the Options tab, in the Data provider library field, specify a Base SAS library. The specified library functions as the backing store for participating tables.


3. On the Extended Attributes tab, set attributes as follows:

  • VA.ReloadOnStart.EnabledYes
  • VA.ReloadOnStart.TableDefaultYes
  • VA.ReloadOnStart.MethodSelective
  • (Optional) To selectively exclude a LASR table from participation, set VA.ReloadOnStart.Enabled to No on the table’s Extended Attributes tab.



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