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SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 is Now Available

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SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 is Now Available

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I'm excited to announce the availability of SAS Visual Analytics 8.2! There are just over one hundred enhancements in 8.2, and I wanted to share some of my favorites to help you begin to understand how this release will be valuable to you and your organization. If you want to know more now, there are a few links below to help. If you want to give 8.2 a try, you'll find a link to the free trial where you can use the software and even load a sample of your own data. Look for several new posts to this community from my SAS colleagues in the coming weeks that will go deeper on specific enhancements in SAS Visual Analytics 8.2.


SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 builds upon the redesigned user experience introduced in 8.1. Here's a link to the post from earlier this year that summarized the 8.1 and 7.4 releases. One of the primary goals for the 8.2 release is to enable existing 7.x customers to transition to 8.2 as soon as they are ready. If you are an existing customer, you can perform any analysis and build any report in 8.2 that you can build in VA 7.4 or 8.1, and there is a promotion utility to get all of your existing content, graph templates, and folders to 8.2. There are even new ways developers can embed reports or just individual visualizations from SAS Visual Analytics in custom web applications and pages.


Here are some of the great new capabilities available now.


Analyst/author productivity

  • Autosave for report recovery, so you don't lose any of your work

  • Automatic actions for one-way or two-way interactive filtering and linked selections between visualizations

Aggregate calculation enhancements

New visualizations

  • Key Values object to display a single numeric value for the most important information
  • Data-Driven Content object to include custom visualizations (e.g. D3.js & C3.js chart libraries) that share data with native visualizations

  • Parallel Coordinates Plot to compare items based on multiple characteristics   


Custom Charts.jpg 













Better location intelligence

  • Custom regions, so that geographical boundaries important to your organization, like sales territories and government districts, can be displayed and shaded

  • Geo-enrichment to leverage demographic, business, landscape, and policy data from ESRI ArcGIS Online (during design or analysis, viewing, and when preparing data) within SAS Visual Analytics

  • Geo-clustering to show either bubbles or point markers on a map, depending on the zoom levels


These are just some of the many enhancements in SAS Visual Analytics 8.2. To learn more, check out these additional resources, and stay tuned for more community posts from SAS.


What's New in SAS Visual Analytics 8.2: Details

SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 documentation

VA 8.2 free trial registration
VA 8.2 How-to videos



Rick Styll

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 is Now Available

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Fabulous news and congrats to the R&D team!

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 is Now Available

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Amazing, I will look into those nice and big set of improvements.


Thank you for the good news and all the hard work that is behind the news.

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Re: SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 is Now Available

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Hope to get it up and running soon and enjoy this new functionality. Great work.
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Re: SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 is Now Available

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Thanks for published fabulous news.

Congrats to SAS team
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