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SAS VA icons in a list box table

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SAS VA icons in a list box table

is there a way to add different icons into the display rules in a list table?  When i go to display role and gauges and choose icon I ge only one icon wich is a bullet.  Can I add more custom icons?

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Re: SAS VA icons in a list box table

In SAS Visual Analytics 6.x and 7.x there are  options for a bullet, an icon, slider, or a thermometer as described at SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.2: User's Guide - Display Rules for List Table Using a Gauge Unfortunately the facility to add a custom icon is not available and it is a feature request I have made in the past and I'm sure others have requested too.

Please add a screenshot as to what you are seeing... it's unusual to only have a bullet gauge.

Can someone from SAS be able to confirm whether the use of custom icons in display rules is planned for a future release?

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