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SAS VA and Oracle EBS R12

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SAS VA and Oracle EBS R12

I can't find anything that talks about the best practices or has graphical images for loading and then appending tables from Oracle EBS R12 in any forums or with google. A friend advised that Oracle EBS R12 will not be easy to gather data against without having some other tool like Noetix Views. All the forums and youtube videos only show loading of excel worksheets which seems far simpler than 100+ oracle tables. Where is the more difficult examples of using Pro to load Oracle Tables? Please and thanks

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Re: SAS VA and Oracle EBS R12

If you are wanting to load 100+ Oracle tables into SAS VA then I'd suggest doing that outside of VA as most likely you will need to transform the data prior to loading into VA.


We are doing something similar with SQL Server tables and one of the first issues we found is the default character column lengths in SAS are way too large and take up way more space than necessary. These need to be trimmed to reduce tables to a reasonable size before loading into VA memory.


If you are wanting to do this regularly as a production job then doing the ETL from Oracle in a SAS program is a good solution. 

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