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SAS VA - Rich text analysis in VA?

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SAS VA - Rich text analysis in VA?

I am looking at ideas on how to best analyse/visualise a rich text item in VA..i am hoping to identify themes/clusters from the text fields.


all ideas welcome.




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Re: SAS VA - Rich text analysis in VA?

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Text Analytics is itslef very wide domain to work in..

You can perform Sentiment Analysis. Let say for example you can find the sentiments of people for current prime minister of the country.
Even let say you are CEO of a comapny and they you can analyse the social media data and you can get the sentiments of your particular product. so that you can get honest reviews and do modifications accordingly in your next version.

Topic Modeling is also very widely used domain under the sentiment analysis. Topic modeling is a form of text mining, a way of identifying patterns in a corpus. You take your corpus and run it through a tool which groups words across the corpus into ‘topics’.  or you can say "It's a method for finding and tracing clusters of words (called “topics” in shorthand) in large bodies of texts.”
For More Details http://journalofdigitalhumanities.org/2-1/topic-modeling-a-basic-introduction-by-megan-r-brett/

You can also do Behavioral Analytics using Text data. you can follow this article http://support.sas.com/publishing/pubcat/chaps/65646.pdf published by SAS. It will be more helpful for you.

And many more applications..!


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