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SAS VA Hub 7.3 import issue.

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SAS VA Hub 7.3 import issue.

I m trying to import dataset from local using SAS VA Hub page. After selecting the required sas dataset it is loading 100% then it is not showing any pop up window to save the dataset. This is happening only to this particular table and some times gives error as attached. Other tables I m able import successfully and getting up to save after 100% loading. We have tried different browser , cleared cache,history. Table size is 5.9 MB

import error in VA Hub.PNG


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Re: SAS VA Hub 7.3 import issue.

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Is there an index on the table? If so , try removing it.

Try changing the name so something short Smiley Happy

Rewrite the data and keep only 100 rows, does it work to import now?


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Re: SAS VA Hub 7.3 import issue.

There is no index on table. I have tried with different name as well.


Same table in my colleague's system able to import with my login id as well.


In my system i m unable to import 97 MB table and same table is importing successfully in my colleague system with my login.


Seems like issue specifically with my system. 


Please suggest anything to check specifically in browser settings



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