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SAS VA - External URL Stored Process - Multiple Selections in a Filter

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SAS VA - External URL Stored Process - Multiple Selections in a Filter

Hi all,


We're transitioning to SAS VA 7.3 to show our customers some more interactive reports and are currently stuck.  In VA we have designed a list table that has data filterable by product for our customers.  In our old system, this report was viewable with all products in the report, but having a column for each of the associated values with that report (IE PRODUCT A, PRODUCT A COST, PRODUCT B, PRODUCT B COST, SALE_ID_#) making it too wide of a table to display in VA effectively.  So we're trying to make an option to have the customer still set filters on this new report and show in the list table there, but also have a link to download the same information (filtered the same way) in the old report format.  Within the report in VA that holds this data they are currently able to filter by state and county and select multiple at a time through use of a list box. 


We setup a stored process in SAS to pull the data in the same format as the old report, and created calculated items and parameters in report builder to use in conjunction with the global parameters in the stored process and it works fine if we're just searching by a particular county in a particular state.  It's trying to use this feature with multiple selections that we're running into trouble.  Using the tutorial we found online, we set it up with a list table that has a link to the external URL stored process.  The problem is, if we select more than one county, it breaks it out into this list table on two lines and you can download the data set for each county separately, but not together, which is what we need.  Is there a better way to do this?


SAS VA is a new program for us and while we've used EG for awhile (all of us self taught, no training is provided for either program, so I apologize if what I'm trying to describe is unclear), we're still definitely in the learning phase but still have hard deadlines we have to make.  Thanks for the help!

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