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SAS VA Drill down

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SAS VA Drill down



I am trying to create a graph which will have drill down as category and first level will be Year and i don't want to drill down to particular year i want drill down on all year at same time.



  -> Quarter(Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 for all years 2016,2017,2018)


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Re: SAS VA Drill down

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I think the easiest is to create your own "drill-down".

First create a calculated dimension with the quarters (without year in the value, i.e q1,q2,q3,q4).

Then create a parameter that should contain the level (year, quarter, month....)


Create a calculated dimension that picks the level depending on the parameter:

If parameter = 'Year' then variableYear

else if parameter = 'Quarter' then variableQuarter

else if parameter = 'Month' then variableMonth

else ''


Add this new dimension to your graphs and tables and also add a drop down or button bar to enable the users to select level.

Add the parameter to the drop down or button bar.


For the different values (year, quarter, month) i use a small separate selection table, but you can also create a calculated dimension from another dimension and create the levels som that dimentions:

if dimensionVariable = 1 then 'Year'

else if dimensionVariable = 2 then 'Quarter'

else 'Month'


Hope this can help you Smiley Happy


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