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SAS VA - Date Range slider issue

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SAS VA - Date Range slider issue

Hi All,

I have a report which utilises a date range slider at the top which I would like to show by default the entire date range. This is fine when I first set up the report, however as the dataset grows and the data becomes refreshed with new data and dates, when the report is re-opened, the date range slider by default is only showing up to the date when it was previously loaded. For instance, I have a dataset which holds data from 28th Jul'14 to 27th Aug'14, so when I first created the report, the sliders are set to the min and max of the dataset. When I next refresh the dataset, the range has increased to 30th Aug'14, but the slider is currently showing the below:

SAS VA - Date range issue.jpg

Whereas what I would like users to see by default is the entire date range selected as below:

SAS VA - Date range issue2.jpg

Am I missing something obvious which I need to change? It's worth mentioning that this is on version 6.2 of SAS VA.

Kind regards,


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Re: SAS VA - Date Range slider issue

You are not missing something.  I have the same problem.

My solution:

I have to identical sections; the first with a slider and the second without.

When the user opens the report he sees the full period. If he want to change the period he switches to the other section.

I have the same problem when I use a drop down list with months. Then I wish that I could set default value to current month.

There I have a similar solution, where the first sections only show current month, and to see the historical data, the user has to change sections.

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Re: SAS VA - Date Range slider issue

Hi Allan,

Thanks for your reply, although it does seem a bit of a cumbersome solution in that you have to duplicate every single report which uses a slider which is a bit time consuming! I wonder if there is another solution for this in a future version?

Kind regards,


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Re: SAS VA - Date Range slider issue


Did you find the solution for this problem?

I had the same problem



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Re: SAS VA - Date Range slider issue

Release 7.4 added this new feature:


"Slider controls have two new properties that enable you to set dynamic minimum and maximum values for the slider. The dynamic minimum and maximum values automatically adjust to the current data query."

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