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SAS VA Create a calculated item

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SAS VA Create a calculated item

Hi everyone. 


i want to create a calculated item in SAS VA ;- 



RA Applicable = Y if there is an RA record and activity_exists = 'Y'
RA Applicable = N if activity_exists = 'N' or RA record does not exist for that country​


Activity_exist has 2 items Y and N 

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SAS VA Create a calculated item

I am using VA 7.3 but should be the same :
1. Once you added the table to the VA report right click on any of the field or menu and select calculated field,
2. A small screen will pop up, type a name for your calculated file and choose the data type,
3. its all drag and drop from here: under the login operator choose "if & else" statement and "And" to build the logic you need.
4. you can drag and drop the fields you want to use in your logic from the fields listed on the left hand side.
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