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SAS VA - Control filter options for graph

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SAS VA - Control filter options for graph

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I do need that same variable in the dropdown list (which has 3 choices) to control all the graphs in the same canvas (one choice by one), but one of the graphs needs 2 choices fixed of the 3 choices from the dropdown list. Can you help? Thanks!

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Re: SAS VA - Control filter options for graph

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There are a couple of issues, I think.


  • A drop-down list is single-selection. So, you could not use it to filter the one graph by multiple choices.
  • A single control interacts with all associated objects in the same way. You cannot specify to filter Graph1 one way and Graph2 a different way through the same interaction.


I would suggest using the dropdown list to filter all of your graphs except the one, and adding a list control (which supports multiple selections) to filter the other graph. 


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