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SAS VA Concurrency Report

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SAS VA Concurrency Report

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Hi All ,


I have a set up of SAS Visual Analytics 7.1 with SAS EG 7.1 and Management Console 9.4.

I want to prepare a report to calculate concurrent users and resources used across the three establishments.

Looked into VA Audit logs and APM tables but could not get a clear picture.

Any help/resources to read/links /papers etc is appreciated.



Pratik Singh

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Re: SAS VA Concurrency Report

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Hi Pratik Singh,


Take a look at a great video by Gerry Nelson from SAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYhhhOC9JJk


You should be able to leverage the underlying data from the APM and VA to combine into the reports you need. You'll need to clearly define in concurrent means performing an action or simply logged onto VA.


Cheers, Simon


In a SAS deployment there is a lot of metadata, metadata about configuration such as server definitions, users, groups and roles and metadata about content like data, reports and jobs etc. Administrators often need to report on that metadata. They want to know what reports have been developed and
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