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SAS VA: Compare some categories (based on control objects) to all others

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SAS VA: Compare some categories (based on control objects) to all others

Using the Insight Toy data, I was wondering how to go about the following:


Allow user to select a number of product makes using list objects

List Object 1: Role, Category = Product Line

List Object 2: Role, Category = Product Make

Interaction: List Object 1 filters List Object 2


Compare the seleted product makes to either:

1.  All other product makes (preferred option)

2. All product makes (including the selected ones).  This option is not as desirable as above, but we could potentially (to be confirmed) deal with this if the previous item is not possible


My first thought was to add the control objects in the section body and use a parameter, however, multiple-variable parameters are not support.  


I then thought to place the control objects in the section (or report prompt) area to filter the data for the selected makes and then duplicate the entire data source to obtain the relevant information for all makes (and allow a comparison to be made) .. I believe I have seen similar strategies in Tableau.  However, I cannot import the same data twice.  My other option is to have the data loaded twice onto the LASR server, with different names, (not sure if this would work but it certainly doesn't seem desirable).


Is this actually possible in SAS VA and how could I go about doing this?  


The following image shows, as an example, what I would like to achieve.









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