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SAS VA Button bar selection issue

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SAS VA Button bar selection issue

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Hi All,


In one section in Dashboard i have to filter a data on basis of date and condition is by default maximum date should be selected so with the help of data query in sas va i have created a column in which for maximum date it will gave maximum date and other value as prev days and that column i have used in button bar(Using condition required in button bar) and further i have interact with the Drop down list object in which full list of dates are there.


At every time when data(data is updating and populating on daily basis) gets update that required option is not working in button bar so for that issue we have created one calculated character item and added a text "Select a Date" and used this calculated character item in button bar and interact with other calculated item that i have created in sas va earlier.


So the process flow of my filter is like


  1. Calculated character item(Select a date) in button bar(required option used)
  2. Calculated item that i have created in data query[where (max_date=date) and other as a Prev Days] in button bar(required option used)
  3. list of all dates in drop down list.

In this flow all the filter are working fine in SAS VA 7.3 but right now we are shifted in SAS VA 7.4 but this flow of filter is now working fine.

Required Option is not working in SAS VA 7.4 the value is getting Deselected.

Is it a bug in SAS VA 7.4 or any hot fix or any other method for my requirment.


For more details i have shared screenshot also.




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