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SAS VA Autoload.

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SAS VA Autoload.

Hi Techies,


Can anyone please explain how the autoload script works in SAS VA LASR.

I want to see the data in dashboard upto date by refreshing it in report viewer. My data is in dataset created from SAS EG and loaded it into SAS VA LASR server.Now if i run the code in EG the data that gets updated in sas data set needs to be automatically updated in SAS LASR server so that we can see the updated data in dashboard.


So please let me know about the script and also provide documentation if any on how to process it.



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Re: SAS VA Autoload.

Have you used EG's UPLOAD TO LASR feature?


You don't even need any script to do this,

you just right click on the table and select UPLOAD TO LASR,

after that, your updated table will load to LASR when you run that flow in EG.


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Re: SAS VA Autoload.

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Good question - I'm in exactly the same situation.

An the EG-method seems very useful.

But how do I define where to put on the LASR server? It seems like it cant find the rigtht place?


58             FOOTNOTE;
59             FOOTNOTE1 "Generated by the SAS System (&_SASSERVERNAME, &SYSSCPL) on %SYSFUNC(DATE(), NLDATE20.) at %SYSFUNC(TIME(),
59       !  TIMEAMPM8.)";
60             %deletedsifexists(TMP00004, FIGUR1);
61             /* Loading through the SASIOLA Engine */
62             data TMP00004.FIGUR1 (  );
63                 set VA_DATA.FIGUR1 (  );
64             run;
66         %mend;
68         %codeBody;
ERROR: A connection to the LASR Analytic Server on '', port 10011, could not be made. Make sure that the host and port 
       are correctly specified, that you are attempting to connect to a LASR Analytic Server of the correct vintage, and that the 
       server is still running.
ERROR: Libref TMP00004 is not assigned.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

ERROR: Libref TMP00004 is not assigned.
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
      real time           0.00 seconds
      cpu time            0.00 seconds
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Re: SAS VA Autoload.

Posted in reply to Kalind_Patel

Hi Patel,


Thanks for your reply.


I dont want to load it from SAS EG. I had taken this as an example. please tell me if the data for dashboard is coming from Hadoop. for the first time we can load the table structure to LASR memory after that autoload script needs to pull the data to LASR memry from source.




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