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SAS VA 7.4 caching Internet explorer 11

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SAS VA 7.4 caching Internet explorer 11

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Hey all,


I've discovered some issues between internet Explorer 11 and SAS VA 7.4. More specifically with caching in Internet Explorer.


The first issue occurs when you open a report in the modern viewer, apply some filters and export to excel. At first this will work fine until you change the filter and export a second time in the same session then you will get the same result as your first export. (which shouldn’t be since you changed the filter).


Changing your browser history settings to "Check for new versions of stored pages" solves the issue. (A annoying solution since you have to ask every user to change this in their browser)


The second issue happens sometimes when a user changes a report and then opens the same report in the viewer to review his changes. The user will not see the changes he just made.


For the second issue there is an hot fix available (http://support.sas.com/kb/61/036.html). Yet installing it didn’t help. Does anyone else experience the same issues and if so did the hot fix solve the issue for you?


Edit: forgot to mention that im using SAS VA 7.4.


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