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SAS VA 7.3 Bar Chart- Stacked+ General

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SAS VA 7.3 Bar Chart- Stacked+ General

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Two questions from the attached file.

1. The number above the graph shows the total fro the 2 stacks.  is there a way to show the total on each stack ex. top 23 bottom 30.  I already know the custom graph with 2 bar charts.

2. Can I move the number inside the stack instead on top?

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Re: SAS VA 7.3 Bar Chart- Stacked+ General

We have the same issue and I think the answer to both quetions is no.


As you point out you can use the custom graph tool to create overlapping bar charts to mimic the functionality but it adds extra complextity especially if you want to have 100% stacked bars and falls down altogether if you want more than two segments.

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