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SAS VA 7.1 - decreasing sum

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SAS VA 7.1 - decreasing sum

Hi everyone.  Is there any way I can get a dataset with a column that has a number that varies row by row (which is a series of dates in the year), to display a total number today, and for each date (let's say there is a date for each week) the 'total' number decreases.


I cannot get the SUM to mathematically work out at all and this is driving me nuts.  So in the spreadsheet I have used as an example, I have column A & B in the dataset already loaded in VA.  How inside VA do I create column C?


I need to do it in VA to keep the data 'dynamic'.  If I 'hard code it' in a spreadsheet and load it to VA, that will defeat the purpose of the report I am trying to create.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: SAS VA 7.1 - decreasing sum

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I have never worked with SAS VA, but if you can run basic sas then:

1) sort your data by descending date.

2) run a step like:

data temp;
  set have;
        retain total 0;
        total + var_to_sum;

3) sort your data by date (ascending is the default).   




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Re: SAS VA 7.1 - decreasing sum

Thanks Shmuel, I know that will work in SAS EG, but unfortunately it won't work in VA.  Appreciate your assistance.

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