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SAS VA 7.1 : Sorting Issue

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SAS VA 7.1 : Sorting Issue

Hi All,


I would like to ask for your help regarding on the sorting issue I am encountering using SAS VA 7.1.


First, I am using a Bar chart object and using 3 variables. Let's just say a date variable and 2 aggregated measure variable which is m1 and m2 that is computed in VA.


I use the bar chart to see what variable do have a higher value for each month. The date variable have a date format ddmmyy and format it into month year in VA to see a monthly view in the report.


What I did is I drag the date for the category and m1 and m2 for measure.Then I sort the date variable to be sorted in chronological order like Jan, Feb, Mar.....,Dec.


The problem is when I tried loading new data to the chart and open the report, the sorting of date value is not applied. In order to sort it again, I will right click the date variable and sort ascending evertime a new data is loaded.



Any idea what might be the cause of this and how can I fix the issue?




Thanks and Best Regard..

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