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SAS VA 7.1 SMP External connection issue.

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SAS VA 7.1 SMP External connection issue.

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Hi there,

I have tried to build an SAS VA 7.1 SMP which that the users in our company can log in from external connect. 

The orignal SAS VA is using internal ip when install.

After that,I used the external ip port mapping to the internal port(the default is port 80) , i think it can work.

But unfortunally, it did't work greatly....



I can access http:/myexternalip: port 

external connection1


but  i can't access to the http:/myexternalip: port/SASVisualAnalyticsHub or login website.

In the link ,I found that the machine name of the SAS VA server can be found.  



otherwise, its every interesting that i can access the VA in the SAS Mobile App and read the report.






The mapping port i set is below:

myenternal IP port--> SAS VA internal port






Is there any other config i should take or any solution to solve the issue?


Many Thanks!


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Re: SAS VA 7.1 SMP External connection issue.

Hi Roy,


A quick secure way would be to have to have employees use VPN to access the VA environment.


The web based applications and tablet apps use different connections. This is documented within the VA Administration Guide hence the different results.


You could try using a reverse proxy setup to see if this could help in your situation. That is documented in the SAS Middle Tier Admin Guide.




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