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SAS VA 6.4 Users Cannot Login <Access Denied>

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SAS VA 6.4 Users Cannot Login <Access Denied>

Hello All,

     My name is David Adams and I'm currently setting up our non-production environment and notice that whenever non-internal (aka LDAP/AD) users attempt to log in, they cannot. This is regardless of them being configured to access SASVA within Management Console (SMC).

     If I create the users in SMC and assign an Internal Account (click the Create Internal Account button) they can log in just fine however, this is not what we're looking to do. Our production environment works just fine, but our non-production environment is struggling.

An example would be our LASR Admin. The account itself is not able to login (though I can SU to it on the Linux box) however if I Create Internal Account and use the account @saspw it allows for this to login.

On the production server, we can simply log in.

I'm wondering if there's a file that can be copied from our prod box to our non-prod box that will allow this to work. Any thoughts? I can clarify anything or answer any questions to clear up any confusion.

Thank you,

David Adams

Unix Administrator

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