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SAS VA 6.1 - New Calculated Item

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SAS VA 6.1 - New Calculated Item

Hope someone can advise please.

I am new to SAS VA and we are currently using version 6.1.

I have imported some simple data based on Products and Revenue.

In Data Explorer, I have created a Cross-Tab that shows Total Revenue by each Product. Next I need to show the Percentage Revenue of the Total Revenue against each Product.

When I right click on the drop-down Data tab, then click on the drop-down arrow to select New Calculated Item, it takes me to a screen to build a formula, but I am not sure how to create a Percentage Data Item. Also, I am not sure why I only see Numeric Data Items in this screen, also I don't see Operators such as *, / or count.

Perhaps there is a simpler way to calculate a Percentage value?

Appreciate any advice.


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Re: SAS VA 6.1 - New Calculated Item

Hi Ashley,

The above given link is the exact topic that what  you need about percentage.


Teja Surapaneni.

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