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SAS Social Network Analysis

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SAS Social Network Analysis

Hi Team,


I am trying to make social network diagram in SNA, the issue I am facing is once i add all the node and links data in my table the digarm on the SNA appilcation reduce in its size so much that it become unredable, if i try to zoom it, it change itz direction, is there anyone having any idea on how i can control the size of the diagram.




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Re: SAS Social Network Analysis

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Hi Swapna,


I also faced this problem. There is nothing to do with data size of SNA nodes and links tables. Even if you zoom the network diagram (with 3 nodes and 3 links), it will change its direction. 


After I zoom, I used to press "-" and "+" to go to specific nodes. It is very tedious task to do it. But I don't have any other option. 


Swapna, Have to ever used proc optgraph or Network statistical measures like communities and so on. 


Please let me know your inputs. 







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