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SAS Mobile BI off-line visualization

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SAS Mobile BI off-line visualization

Dear all,

I would like to report the following issues I have been experiencing with the new 8.1 version of app SAS Mobile BI for iPad (iOS):

• In the previous version, upon launching the app, the dataset that had been previously updated and that had not been launched/opened were marked in yellow, and the ones which had been opened were seen in white. Therefore, when connecting with the server, all icons in all reports were seen in the color white, and as they got updated they would turn yellow and show the label "UPDATED";
• Now in version 8.1, there is a blue dot on the icon of the reports that have not been opened after the last update, and this blue dot is not seen on the reports that were opened after the last update. Now, when connecting with the SAS server, the blue dots will not disappear all at once. As each report is updated, the blue dot appears on the icon;
• The main issue I have been facing is that, having over 40 reports and taking about 40 minutes to update all of them, it is not possible for me watch the entire process to check which ones are receiving new data. Therefore, after an hour when checking the icons there is no way I can know for sure which ones have been updated with new data. The question is: has the blue dot been there since previously, and the report has not been updated with any new data, or is this a new blue dot and the report has been updated?
• When in doubt, I open a report and click "update" and it sometimes opens a window saying "updating", stays like this for hours and nothing happens. Sometimes this window is replaced with another one saying "It is not possible to connect with the SAS server", but I am actually connected with the SAS server. In very few times the report was successfully updated, but it hardly ever works.
• Another issue I have been facing is that when selecting a filter in a report, it opens a window saying there is no connection with the server, which should not be necessary as the filtering process in my settings is enabled for working offline, so the filters in the reports should work offline and not demand a VPN connection. Other fewer times, it does not show this window or any other message, there is just a wheel that appears and keeps spinning like it was endlessly updating, but nothing happened.
• None of these issues occurred in the previous version of the app.



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