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SAS Mobile BI app crashes

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SAS Mobile BI app crashes


I am facing some issues these days at my project regarding the Mobile BI app. BI app crashes very frequently and also the reports.

Sometimes the report crashes, and if not the report does not show my data.
I then delete my report and re upload it. Sometimes it works, but many times it does'nt. The problems are not consistent, but it seems the SAS Mobile BI app is not reliable and stable.

Could you suggest me what kind of issues might lead to crashing?

I have the updated Mobile BI app and IOS version installed. In my report I have many gauges, graphs, info window and controls. Do you think this could be a problem?

How can look for mobile BI app limitiations?


Any help would be very grateful!!


Thanks in advance!


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Re: SAS Mobile BI app crashes

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yours is an interesting question, because the app and the reports can crash for many reasons: Bubbles, Transport service not working ok, memory settings, etc.


What might be a good idea is first try to get some conclussions from the log files. I guess that you know about the logs in the server side.

For all what is related to the SAS Mobile BI app: http://support.sas.com/kb/52/874.html

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