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SAS LASR Server cannot read data

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SAS LASR Server cannot read data

Hello, I am experiencing problems with the LASR server, some of the data on SAS VA were uploaded in said server, the issue is it has been unloaded. The reload feature in the Administrator tab of SAS VA is frozen. When I check in management console, metadata are existing in the library. Data is also existing in the source folder but when I try to register tables in the library, no tables could be found. Maybe there is a problem with the connection of the LASR server to the library? 

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Re: SAS LASR Server cannot read data

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Interactive reload depend on how a table was initially loaded. Only those tables are eligible for interactive reload:


  • Tables that were interactively loaded.
  • Output from data queries.*
  • Output from LASR star schemas.*
  • SAS data sets that were imported from a server

* Any input LASR tables must be available (loaded).

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