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SAS Environment Manager, the Rules page

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SAS Environment Manager, the Rules page

Dear All,


I am working on SAS Viya 3.2 and SAS Visual Analytics 8.2.


As part of the creating Custom Groups and using them in rules to achieve Role based Capabilities, I came across a scenario wherein:

1) SAS Lineage :- I have created a VA Analyst group with my user in it and have assigned this group to the SASLineage rule under Rules tab. Now after logging with my user I can see I have access to the SAS Lineage but I am not able to "search" in SAS Lineage, it gvies me an error saying please contact your administrator.. Also I have tried multiple things but I see that I can only be able to serch the Lineage when the Rule and the user is part of SAS Administrator group.

2)SAS Environment Manager:- As part of the requirement, SAS Administrator  group should only be able to see SAS environment manager and couple of other applications like, Manage Themes, Monitor Job. I have done the settings accordingly by assigning the SAS Administrator group to  SAS Environment Manager Rule, and the other applications which this group should see, but the intersting part is whatever I do I can see all the Applications when I login with SAS Admin user.


So the question is, is this the behavior which cannot be controlled, have anyone of you guys have ever handled this kind of scenario.


Any help will be really appreciated.


Thanks In Advance.




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