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SAS 9.4 High Performance Suite

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SAS 9.4 High Performance Suite

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We are licensed for SAS 9.4 High Performance Suite. So I just wanted to know what are all components come with that and how we can make use of this product. Please let me know if we can leverage it for big data analytics.If so how and any documentation or pointers on that will be helpful. 

Also we are licensed with SAS Add-in for MSO, SAS E-Miner and E-Guide which are all of analytical tools. So is there any relation with these tools and above HPA suite.please advise.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: SAS 9.4 High Performance Suite

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Hello @maheshtalla,


I/we could give you a short description, but, if I were in your shoes, I would try to make an appointment with your SAS Contracts representative, It seems to me you need a good introduction on the products you are paying for, and the best you can get is from the SAS team themselves.


An informal short description would be:


SAS 9.4 High Performance Analytics on Visual Analytics: this is mostly provided by the LASR component. LASR is a SAS session intended to load your data "as-is" into memory. Once the data is in memory, you can create reports to query this data, or you can explore the data to do some analytics. Those reports and the analytics, will run "at high speed" since the data is en memory and LASR also provides statistics on the data as it is used, which provides even faster access to the data.


- SAS Add-on for Office: with this add-on, you can see and import data and report from SAS into your Office documents with a few clicks.


- SAS Enterprise Miner: with this  tool provided you can do intensive data mining, thefore all kind of data analysis and explorations, and even some predictive analysis, if you have the product.


- SAS Enterprise Guide: and with this tool, you can query and transform data on SAS, even withouth having an advanced knowledge of SAS. Although, get performance on your processes, you will still need to learn enough SAS, to improve the code.











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Re: SAS 9.4 High Performance Suite

Just want to add that hpf aa an alternative to LASR can run in asynchronous mode with an external MPP or hdfs.
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