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Row level security issue

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Row level security issue

Hi all VA experts Smiley Happy

I'm not sure this problem can be solved, but maybe someone of you already deal with it and has found some workaround Smiley Wink


We have a report in VA 7.3 (but the same applied to VA 6.4) with a dropdown menu used as a mandatory filter for a field (we can say it is country, i.e.). The filter is mandatory since data cannot be aggregate in a grand total manner.

On the same field of the table we have also a row level security applied, since some users can see all the countries, some other just some of them, and some other again just one.

At this point, when we save the report the filter menu has a value in it, lets say USA. But now, if a user that has only available Europe as country try to open the report, it has a no data available, since the report try to apply the USA filter to the data, that has only Europe available.

Is there a way solve or workaround this behaviour?


Thanks all Smiley Happy

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Re: Row level security issue

I'm a noobie with zero SAS VA experience so can't help with technical fix, however is it feasible to add one row of data that everyone can see and set the filter to that? As your not creating a grand total it shouldn't affect your other data

Not ideal but may get you up and running
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Re: Row level security issue

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping in something less tricky, but I see there are no other advice Smiley Happy

We will try to find out if can do something like this in our case Smiley Happy

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