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Row level security issue

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Row level security issue

Dear Friends,



We are facing a strange issue with our VA reports. We have multiple countries in a drop down list and we have selected US as a default selection and required property selected.


We have a row level security implemented and some of the users can only access their respective countries data. Whenever the other country users open the dashboards, the data is not populating. When we change the country filter manually to other country or select any other filter, then the tables are getting populated as usual. If there is only one country the user can access, the reports are never getting populated even if you select the only available country from the drop down list again. We would need select and change any other drop down list to populate the data.


Not sure why this is happening and any solution for this. Can you on this?

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Re: Row level security issue

Trouble shoot security and authorization issues can be challenging.
Doing so over a forum with short textual descriptions almost impossible.
The tip is to go through every log that comes into play, Metadata, VA etc.
Go through the whole setup in a structured way with a colleague.
If you suspect that this could be a bug open a track with SAS tech support.
Data never sleeps
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