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Row level Access tied in Active Directory

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Row level Access tied in Active Directory

Hi All,


I am currently enforcing our row level security using a batch script to grant data access to our User Groups in our company.


But we are trying to implement multiple projects that involves granting all our Users to view their own data only. So I come here to ask are the following:


* Is it possible that Row level Access can be tied up to our Active Directory, so that when a User log-in it will automatically grants that person to his/her records?


* Because our company has 1000+ employees, coding the batch script for each individual would take a lot of effort in testing. Are there any alternative method to implement this?


* Next year we are moving to the latest version of VIYA, Are there any new features in future release that will cater this same scenario in order to use the VIYA security at ease?




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