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Reports and Permissions

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Reports and Permissions

I have implemented SAS VA in my organization. I want to know that if I have a report with multiple tabs (sections), can I give tab based permissions for user access? If out of say 8 tabs, I want a person to be able to view only 3 tabs, is there any way I can do this?



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Re: Reports and Permissions

My understanding security is at the report level or at the underlying data level such as row level security. For an example on row level security, see my blog post Conditional Grants in SAS Visual Analytics

Security at the report section level (tabs) is a great idea and I wonder if there are any plans for this in a future release of SAS Visual Analytics... Perhaps someone from SAS may be able to guide us on this?



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Re: Reports and Permissions

@mjaitly, statement is correct, although don't forget that single table level security may provide what you want.  If you deny a given user access to the underlying data tables, objects that use that table won't display their data.  It isn't quite as clean as what you are asking about, but it provides similar functionality.

There are no plans to implement section-level or object-level security at this time.

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Re: Reports and Permissions

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Thanks to both David and Michelle for the answers. I will have more questions on this topic though!

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