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Report link with parameter

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Report link with parameter

Hi VA users,

I have created 2 reports. 1 for Planning and 1 for Project details. I linked the 2 reports by using a interaction type 'Link to report'. The link sents the project number from the report Planning to the report Project details. This works fine. Now I want to use the reports in a web browser.

1. Open the report Planning

2. Select coming 4 weeks in the section header

3. Select the a Team in a list box

4. View the results of the team for the coming 4 weeks in a pivot table

5. Select one cell in the pivot. The planning for one person is not correct. By selecting one cell in the pivot table a bar chart is updated and it shows all projects for this person.

6. Double click on the bar for a specific project. You are linked to the report Project Details.

7. After viewing the report, I want to go back to the report Planning by clicking on back to the report Planning

8. All selections done in step 2 and 3 are gone. Is it possible to temporary freeze my selections?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your support,

Michel de Kooter

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Re: Report link with parameter

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Good question Michel...

It seems that the report filtering may be one-directional going forward. In the documentation it seems to suggest that upon clicking on the report back icon the report link button it goes back to the source report (as opposed to the filtered source report based on the previous selections) View Links in Reports - SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.4: User's Guide

It would be good to know if there is a way to achieve what you are after.

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