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Report distribution in SAS Visual Analytics

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Report distribution in SAS Visual Analytics


I am trying to distribute report through email using "Distribute Reports" option available in SAS VA designer mode. I created a report job and tried to run the distribution in both way using "Run Now" option as well as "Schedule" option. It is running and completes successful but the email is not getting delivered to the recipients and neither I (Owner) am getting the notification email regarding when the report job starts and ends. But in the show history, it shows start time, finish time, state as completed and status message as success. It is not even giving any error.

Please provide the solution or if there is anyother way to do this.

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Re: Report distribution in SAS Visual Analytics

This SAS note has troubleshooting tips for distribution:



Some things to look for:

1. Can you successfully use the File > Email feature in SAS Visual Analytics Designer. If you cannot email successfully, then you won't be able to send the distribution emails.

2. Are the recipients internal accounts? That is, they exist only in metadata. You cannot send to an internal account even if they have a valid email address in metadata.

3. Are you trying to distribute a report that is saved in a My Folder area?

4. Check the SASVisualAnalyticsDesigner.log and the SASVisualAnalyticsHyperlink.log for information about the distribution. These logs are in SAS-configuration-directory/Lev1/Web/Logs/SASServerx_y/


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