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Report Performance

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Report Performance

Hi all,

Operating System: LIN X64 .
SAS Version: 9.4

We want to calculate the output parameters for VA and set a benchmark figure and based on the benchmark figure we will measure whether the VA environment is slow or normal.

The sample output parameters are like:

1) How much time it is taking to open the landing / home page after user credentials are provided.

2) How much time it is taking to open a particular report when user clicks on view report.

3) How much time it is taking to load all the charts in that particular report.
4) How much time it is taking to load all the charts in that particular report when an iteration parameter / drop down is changed.
5) In similar lines some other parameters.

Is it possible to measure / calculate these parameters?

If yes, Could you please help us where can we get these information and in which logs all these information are stored?

Note: We don't want to enable audit report, it will give which user opened / accessed which report. Our requirement was not that.

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Re: Report Performance

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if you don;t want to enable the audit report, well, that is fine. A pity, because it would give that information to you on need an automated basis.


You can get that information on IT standard ways. of course, it has an impact on time, or budget, or even performance of your system (therefore those times can be incremented).


Some ways I can imagine:


- there are tools on the market for web stressing and tests. You can give them a try.

- You can do this manually, with the web developer tools implemented now on any web browser.

- You can extend the logs of your web applications, from to INFO or even DEBUG, but this will increment the size of your logs (a lot), therefore also your web applications might become slow, plus on some security models this is absolutely not allowed on Production environments.

- You can use jmeter and similar tools, you will need an expert to use something like that.


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