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Report Connected with Updated File

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Report Connected with Updated File

I have uploaded an excel file to SAS Visual Analytics. Then I created a report in which i have added multiple calculated items. Later main data file got some changes and some new columns were added. I have uploaded a new excel file to SAS VA. When i connect a new data file to my report, old data connections and calculated items got removed. How can i prevent it in future reports? Or can i fix it in the current report? I heard some autoupdating functionality to fix it but dont know exactly the steps.

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Re: Report Connected with Updated File

Hi Ujjawal,

I also faced the same problem,

What i do for this i will share with u, 

U also Try and Let me know if its working or not

1. Load the table, make the report then save it.

2. Open new report > Click On Add Data Source > Add your new Excel with changes > Give the same name > Refresh the data 

3. Close the new report > Open your Old Report > Refresh the Data.

this steps work fine for me..




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