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Reloading Table Question

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Reloading Table Question

Quick question,


I am able to UNLOAD a table with no issue, but sometimes when I attempt to RELOAD the same table, I get what appears to be a 'unable to write' error message.


However, if I then delete that table from VA then LOAD it as a new table, I'm able to.


Is this a permissions issue on the authorization side? Is there a reason why I can't reload a table, but I can load the same table?




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Re: Reloading Table Question

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Can you please provide the exact steps you are taking? For example, are you in the SAS Visual Analytics Administrator, you select the check box next to the table and you click the Unload icon. Later, you select the table and you click the Reload icon. Or are you doing something else. Also, please post the exact text or a screen shot of the error.


Also, see page 11 in the SAS Visual Analytics Administration Guide for information about Reload.



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