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Ranking in VA

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Ranking in VA

Hi Everyone,

                    I want bottom rank based on conditional parameter in SAS VA 7.3 for instance suppose if i will enter value  more than 500 than the list table should reflect the value greater than parameter and apart from that i want bottom 5 ranks based on that parameter only.So if there are 10 rows which would reflect data but i need bottom 5 only based on above parameter hence not considering rows below 500.

Kindly suggest me a solution.



Harsh Patel.

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Re: Ranking in VA

Hi Harsh,


You place a filter on the conditional parameter by selecting value greater than 500. And then go to Ranks tab, create a rank on that parameter with Bottom 5 condition so that you will get the desired values which you are looking into..




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Re: Ranking in VA

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Thanks but in parameters we can't give filters because it is a text input
object and in any parameters we can't give filters.
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